French crullers

French crullers

“The optimist sees the doughnut but the pessimist see 452 calories and a shed load of sugar ...” ― James Minter. I am a little choux obsessed off late. And after the Paris Brest and the eclairs , I tried choux once again in the form of these dainty French ...

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Raspberries and cream cake

Raspberries and cream cake

"Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude!"-Audrey Hepburn. Four layers of feathery light sponge cake layers , moistened beautifully with syrup , filled with a sweet and tart raspberry filling , and enrobed in some sweetened whipped cream . I toyed with the idea of calling it my "pretty ...

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Eggless truffle brownies

Eggless truffle brownies

"There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate."- The Printwick Papers. So here comes Brownie No.2 in my egg free brownie series ! Do you remember the cakey brownies that I shared a while back . While the perfect chewy eggless brownie still eludes ...

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  • The easiest French eclairs

    The easiest French eclairs

    "His eyes are peculiar. There is nothing in them, like an eclair without the cream filling. It's wrong, lack of cream."-Gail Carriger. Eclairs are yet another culinary gift from the ...

  • Dark chocolate pots de creme

    Dark chocolate pots de creme

    "When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile." -Regina Brett. Pots de creme are classic French desserts. They are simple baked custard-y desserts in which cream, sugar and egg yolks ...

  • Cardamom cake

    Cardamom cake

    "Cooking is like love — it should be entered into with abandon or not at all."- Harriet von Horne. You know what they say about people eating with their eyes ...

  • Nutella chocolate chip cookies

    Nutella chocolate chip cookies

    “Home is where you are loved the most and act the worst.” » Marjorie Pay Hinckley Whats up you guys! I was visiting my family back home this past week ...

  • French buttercream

    French buttercream

    "The French cook; we open tins."-John Galsworthy. Off late ,I have been trying to make macarons and meringues , and thanks to several not-too-successful attempts, I have more egg yolks ...

  • Eggless mango cake

    Eggless mango cake

    "There's two times of year for me: Football season, and waiting for football season."- Darius Rucker. Do you ever crave fruits that you know aren't going to be in season ...